NGB Cover & Sporting Injuries abroad

NGB Cover & Sporting Injuries abroad

As the new National Sport Group (NSG) begins to manage the gradual return of competitive group and team sport; and many of our elite teams travel for training camps and elite competition abroad, WSA partners Watkin Davies look at some of the common injuries that can affect those of all abilities and interests abroad.

Knee injuries
According to 70% of ACL injuries are sustained not through contact, but actions that involve sudden movements, such as deceleration, pivoting and landing hard on one leg. A wobbly landing is enough to cause such an injury, and re-tears of the ACL.

Shoulder dislocation and wrist fractures
A dislocated shoulder can be down to a number of factors, one of which is a single traumatic event. Trying to break a fall with an outstretched arm can create a force strong enough to cause a dislocated shouter, also known as a rotator cuff injury, as well as a broken wrist.

This mild type of traumatic brain injury (mTBI) affects the normal function of the brain, causing fatigue, blurred vision, irritability, and a difficulty focusing.

Sprains and fractures
Some sports have their own exclusive set of injuries due to the unique stressors they place on the participants. “Snowboarder’s ankle” describes a fracture to the outer ankle caused by a sprain sustained at a bad moment, such as during a high-force landing. Then there’s skier’s thumb, where the ski pole “levers” the base of the thumb during a fall, causing it to overextend and damage the ligament.

The WSA are working with Watkin Davies to ensure WSA member organisations are covered for activity & for renewed activity abroad. Has your organisation fully documented any changes to operations during the coronavirus pandemic, in compliance with Government legislation, and have you kept your Insurers/Brokers up to date on any such changes?

Please contact WSA partners Watkin Davies to reassess your risk assessments and to ensure elite athletes & staff have the necessary cover for travel and activity abroad.

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