Non-Executive Director & Senior Leadership Training

The WSA, in support of the GLFW programme, has launched a series of training for Non-Executive Directors and Senior Leaders.

The first in this series will focus on the Role of a Director and The Board – designed for those that are new to being an NED is a sport & leisure organisation, and useful for those that have been an NED in a different sector.  

The first session Role of Directors and the Board will take place on Microsoft Teams. The 2-hour session will cover:

  • The legal duties of Directors under Company and Charity Law
  • Build an understanding of the landscapes and stakeholders that influence how sport and physical activity are delivered  
  • Ensure directors are clear on the role of the board and their responsibilities, in particular, matters reserved for the board
  • Consider how the duties and responsibilities are applied in the context of a sports body.

The cost of attending the course will be £40.00 for WSA members and £80.00 for non WSA members.  Please find the course below and fill out the registration form to hold your place.

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