Phased Return to Sport Planning – Discussion Group B & D – Indoor Individual & Multi Participant Sports

The WSA has established a number of discussion groups. These groups will feed into Government lockdown review procedures based on the setting in which sports are primarily played. Groups have been tasked to establish a broad set of principles and mitigation measures for a safe return to activity. The intent is to streamline the decision making process for Government and facilitate good consultation with sport as a whole. This particular planning and discussion group is looking at a phased return for indoor individual sports. The documents below are being used as a benchmark for the sector in order to ensure a safe return to occupation of sporting facilities.

This group is now an amalgamtion of two original discussion groups, Group B – Indoor Individual Sports, & Group D – Indoor Multi-participant sports. Both original group discussions can be found below. They will be working as a collective moving forward.

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Meeting Recordings

Original discussion group BIndoor Individual Sports

Original discussion group D – Outdoor Individual Sports

Meeting Notes

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