WSA announce Safeguarding Plus

WSA announce Safeguarding Plus

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest Membership Plus service, Safeguarding Plus! 

Learn more about, and get started with, Safeguarding Plus!

The first two Membership Plus services, Advocacy Plus and Finance Plus, were released in April 2023, with the third service, Content & Comms Plus launching in November 2023. All three services have been well received and well adopted by the membership!

WSA Chief Executive Andrew Howard said:  

“As part of the WSA’s strategy, Setting Sport up for Success, one of our objectives is to continue to develop our Membership Plus offering, in collaboration with our members, and we aim to be delivering five Membership Plus services by 2025.” 

So, we are excited to launch our fourth, which strives to provide focussed and cost-effective support to our member organisations in relation to their Safeguarding committments. 

“With this Membership Plus offer,” added Howard, “we aim to strengthen the safeguarding capabilities of our members with a range of administrative support, as well as offering an independent review of the organisations safeguarding procedures across their club network”.

The WSA Safeguarding Plus service is available to WSA members, offering administrative and policy support for all safeguarding matters. Services to include*:

  • Policy and Procedure Templates.
  • Safeguarding Policies Checklist, Annual Review, Publication and ensuring communication to all stakeholders.
    – Anti-bullying
    – Online safety
    – Behaviour
    – Meeting needs of children with medical conditions
    – Health and Safety
    – Safer recruitment
    – Dealing with allegations of professional abuse
    – Whistleblowing
    – Code of conduct (Parents/Children/Vulnerable Adults)
    – Harassment
    – Grievance
    – Duty to Report
    – Events, Transport and away trips
    – Social media
    – Photography
  • Training and Education Courses – Recommending training and educational opportunities for stakeholders
  • Audit Safeguarding Procedures – A snapshot of the NGB and/or its Member Organisations to provide an independent eye on all its policies and procedures.
  • Provide administrative support to Member’s Case Management Group.
  • Working with the Member to ensure that all incidents are recorded and monitored.
  • Other administrative support to be agreed between the Member and the WSA.
  • The service will not provide case management and the statutory and legislative accountability for safeguarding within the sport will remain with the Member organisation and its Board of Directors.

This, of course, is simply a template of our offer! If there is something in particular within the Safeguarding service that appeals to you and your organisation and you want us to focus on delivering just one component of the service, be sure to get in contact with the WSA team! 

So, find out more by visiting our dedicated Membership Plus page

And, if you’re looking to sign up to WSA membership, be sure to check out our Become a Member page.

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