Examining the Safeguarding Landscape in Youth Sport Across Wales

Swansea University and their Applied Sports Technology Exercise and Medicine Research Centre are conducting a study to examine the safeguarding landscape in youth sport across Wales.

Specifically, the study aims to explore children, coaches, and parents understanding of safeguarding/child protection and to investigate the types of emotional harm (if any), that is being experienced and/or witnessed in sport.

In addition, the study is to investigate the factors that enable or prevent people from intervening if they were experiencing and/or witnessing emotional harm in sport, and what resources would be useful to help support the prevention and intervention in cases of emotional harm in sport.

Using questionnaires via survey monkey, the aims of the study are as follows:

·What (if any) types of emotional harm are children and stakeholders (e.g., coaches and parents) experiencing and/or witnessing/observing in sport in Wales.

·What do children, coaches, and parents understand about safeguarding and keeping safe in sport

·What enables or prevents people from intervening if they were experiencing or witnessing emotional harm in sport

·What resources would be beneficial for supporting the prevention and intervention in cases of negative experience in sport

Expected outcomes and Feedback

The outcomes of the study will help provide important information about the safety and welfare of children taking part in sport by highlighting what things influence and promote their enjoyment and safety in sport. Findings could potentially help the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), governing bodies, welfare/safeguarding officers and sport organisations, coaches, parents and other individuals involved in sport across Wales on ways to optimise children’s safety and enjoyment in sport. Once analysis is complete, the researcher will present the key findings back to all the relevant sporting organisations and a brief summary of the findings will also be sent to participants, parents and interested parties within your organisation.

Access to each individual survey are below:

Athlete Survey (aged 13-18 years): http://bit.ly/3j6s0jR  

Parent/Guardian Survey: http://bit.ly/39C8p84  

Coach Survey: http://bit.ly/3j7gDYP  

If you need any further information please contact Maita at 968119@swansea.ac.uk

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