Are you a sports club in Wales? Here’s how the WSA can support YOU

Are you a sports club in Wales? Here’s how the WSA can support YOU

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA), in its mission to support the breadth of the sport and leisure sector, enables Sporting Governing Bodies in Wales to share their member benefits with every not-for-profit member sports club in their own membership base!

The WSA works collaboratively with WSA members to ensure that support services are designed for their specific needs, and in turn the needs of the members they govern so that they too can become stronger and more resilient.

If you are a not-for-profit member club and your NGB is a Full Member of the WSA, then you are welcome to take advantage of the member benefits included in our core membership offer.

To view all of the services available to you and to have them explained in further detailed, visit our Services page!

If you require any help accessing these benefits or want any further information, please get in touch the WSA team or your National Governing Body.

Continuously striving to improve the WSA Membership Offer

If you want a service and you’re not sure it’s something we offer, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Even if it is not something we offer at the moment, it may help us to shape our member benefits in the future.

Indeed, the WSA has been working to implement advancements to our offerings. These improvements include new partner offers, updates to the helpline service, and developments to website templates – such as template articles of association, governance handbooks templates and Sport Strategy in Wales templates!

If you’re a sports club in Wales and would like to gain access to the full range of WSA services on offer, you will need to log-in to the website.

Your NGB should already have a unique Username and Password created specifically for their affiliated clubs. If your NGB cannot provide these, please contact the team for assistance.

Note that for security reasons we may require confirmation from your NGB that you are authorised to receive these details.

If you wish to sign up to WSA membership yourself, check out our Become a Member page.

And to hear what other organisations have had to say about their experiences with us, please visit our Membership Testimonials page.

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