Covid-19 Awareness Training PLUS Duty of Care & Compliance Webinars

Covid-19 Awareness Training PLUS Duty of Care & Compliance Webinars

As broadcast last week the WSA has announced the Covid-19 Online Awareness Training for sport in Wales and across the Home Nations.

The awareness training is an online course that has been created in partnership with Right Directions to ensure clubs, coaches and host facilities are following relevant government guidelines and provide a positive re-introduction to sport and recreation for all participants.

The course consists of three core modules: 

1.1. General Awareness
1.2. Participant Engagement
1.3. Cleaning and Disinfection 

And three optional bolt-on modules: 

2. Sports Clubs
3. Sports Coaches
4. Sports Premises and Activity Areas

In order to access the Online Awareness Training, please click here for further information:

Covid-19 Duty of Care & Compliance Webinars

In addition to the above, and to supplement the Covid-19 Awareness Training, the WSA has collaborated with IOLIS Legal to deliver Covid-19 Duty of Care & Compliance webinars that will cover the various legal and practical considerations for organisations returning to sport, particularly those in relation to the collection of data for Wales’ Track, Trace and Protect Service (TTPS).

The first open session was on Thursday 30th July. The webinar is £2 for WSA members and £4 for non WSA members, (following the pricing structure of the online Covid-19 Awareness course).

If you’re interested in the Duty of Care & Compliance Webinar, the next session is on Thursday 27th August at 11.00am – 12.30, please book here.

Furthermore, Bespoke Webinar sessions for individual organisations can also be organised. This will cost £150 for WSA members or £300 for non members. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

And finally, 30 minute Helpline calls to Andrew Brenton at IOLIS Legal can be scheduled should your organisation require further support. The cost of the helpline will be FREE to WSA to members, and will be available at a fee of £150 per hour for any non-members.

As part of the WSA support package, members & participants enrolling in the training, will also be provided with a Guidance Pack, which will be updated regularly, as restrictions continue to ease. WSA members can access the Guidance Pack here.

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