Don’t Drop the Ball in 2023

Don’t Drop the Ball in 2023

As we progress through what will be a massively challenging new year, the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) would like to remind all of our members that we provide an array of resources and services designed to allow you to not drop the ball and remain resilient.

There are already examples of what the current cost-of-living crisis’ impact on our sector, with many facing true existential threats. This is why it is crucial for members to remember their organisational and individual responsibilities and duties, and are aware of the opportunities that can help them grow, progress and stay sustainable.

Striving to enable our members and the wider sport and leisure sector to become stronger and more resilient, the WSA a wide variety of important of services and resources – featured on our campaign page, Don’t Drop the Ball – to take advantage of through membership, so that you #dontdroptheball and can confidently, safely and responsibly partake in and provide sport events and activities!

Our Procurement Portal, launched last year, is a significant resource available. It offers members the opportunity to make savings of scale an a whole range of necessary product categories – such as chemicals and energy as well as longer-term sustainable energy solutions for sources like solar, which can set your organisation up for a healthier and more financially efficient future.

We urge our members (and those of Community Leisure UK, for whom this service is also available) to take the opportunity of making economies of scale – whether it be using the power of collaborative purchasing for telecoms equipment or cleaning products!

Our Don’t Drop the Ball campaign features a whole host of other resources, too. From governance support, provided by the excellent product of our partners CalQRisk, to our esteemed DBS checking service, the WSA can provide you and your organisation with a crucial crutch with vital areas of responsibility.

To view the entire range of services the WSA provides, visit our Member Benefits page.

To sign up to membership and take advantage of our offering, check out our Become a Member page.

And to find out what other organisations think of us, go to our Membership Testimonials page.

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