Eight clubs nominated by WSA partners Watkin Davies successful in Allianz Sports Fund

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is excited to announce that a very impressive total of eight clubs nominated by our insurance partners Watkin Davies were successful in their Allianz Sports Fund applications!

The WSA is thrilled to be able to collaborate with partners to promote investment into our sector, and is delighted to see the success of these efforts.

38 clubs around the UK received grants worth between £500 & £3000 in what was the first round of funding from the grant this year, with 21% of them being nominated by Watkin Davies.

Just under a quarter of all clubs nominated by the WSA’s insurance partner were successful, including Gwent Table Tennis Club, who won a grant of £1,000!

Andrew Ryder, from the club, commented:

“We are very grateful to Watkin Davies for sponsoring our application to the Allianz Sports Fund.

“The grant of £1000 has been invested into our junior development initiative. The beginner’s session aimed at youngsters only started in January, but this money has already enabled us to achieve the following investments in the club. We have a core of 20 to 30 new youngsters playing the sport.

“It has been spent on brand new bats (£400), coaching equipment like nets and balls (£100), and two quality second-hand tables (£500),” Andrew explained.

“This sets up the club for the next 12 months in providing opportunities for everyone to play our sport. This grant has contributed massively to the growth in our club, and we can continue this work for the remainder of the year.”

The WSA’s Commercial Manager, Tom Sharp, stated:

“The WSA is delighted to work in collaboration with Watkin Davies to provide sports clubs with the opportunity to access the Allianz Sports Fund.

“Through our combined efforts on this initiative, we have been able to bring in an additional £9.5k into sport and leisure in Wales this year!”

Meanwhile, Watkin Davies Head of Sports & Leisure, Chris Weeks, added:

“Everyone at Watkin Davies is pleased to see the grant being put to such great use. Congratulations to Gwent Table Tennis Club and the other 7 clubs nominated by Watkin Davies.

“The fund is extremely important to grass roots clubs and groups, a lifeline if you will, in what is exceptionally difficult times financially for grassroots sports and leisure in Wales and the wider UK.”

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for further updates about the Allianz Sports Fund, with another round of funding potentially arriving in the autumn of this year!

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