Nov 26 2023

Escape to Afan – National Championship

Set in one of the UK’s most popular mountain bike locations, Escape To Afan is no doubt one of the most exciting duathlons on the UK’s calendar. We have 2 options for you to choose from (or both):


On 25th November morning we will be hosting the original Escape To Afan Off-road Duathlon with a standard and sprint distance available. This will be a challenging race but will be less technical on the bike and more of an exciting off-road duathlon that will attract the most talented of athletes but also a great opportunity for beginners to take up a new challenge.


By popular demand, many requested a more technical course, so on 25th November afternoon we will be having exclusive use of the MTB trails for a more challenging race.

Escape to Afan Extreme will take you though a challenging journey of some of Afan’s most renowned mountain bike trails. This MTB course will test your technical skills and physical strength with single tracks, steep uphill and off-road passages.

Welsh Triathlon Cross Duathlon Championship

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