Mar 03 2021


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Fitness and Sprint Development in Youth Athletes

About this Event

In this session (the second in a series of two) Adam Runacres will share the knowledge surrounding long-term athlete development programs and discuss where sex and maturity fit in to the bigger picture. The talk will focus on aerobic fitness and sprint performance (anaerobic) development and explore time periods where accelerated adaptations to training are evident. The talk will shed new light on how changing physical activity patterns and targeting specific behaviours may influence fitness and enhance performance.

About the Deliverer:

Adam Runacres commenced his PhD at Swansea University in October 2017. He is funded through a KESS (Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship) in partnership with Sport Wales. Adam has now submitted his PhD, and his study exploring the long-term effects of an elite sporting career has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Sports Medicine.

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