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May 18 2023

Men’s Health Week 2023: 12/06/2023 – 18/06/2023


The iPhone was born in 2007. Those born in the same year will turn 16 this year. They’ve grown up with a high-performance computer in their pocket. What are the implications for men’s health?

That’s the question we’re going to be looking at for this year’s Men’s Health Week. Clearly there are some health benefits to being able to access health information or deliver and receive health services online but what are the downsides? For example, we’ll be developing new information resources on internet-fulled addictions.

Dopamine-delivery device

Dopamine is one of the key chemical messenger in your brain. It creates feelings of pleasure and reward and plays a role in concentration, memory and what we find interesting. In short, dopamine makes us feel good and we like a hit of it from time to time.

The iphone is a dopamine-delivery device that is always to hand. Every single app you use on it knows this full well and is designed to keep you using it. The potential for addiction is obvious. Even an ‘addiction’ to a pretty benign app is going to cost us time and the attention we could have devoted to more meaningful things. But what about when it starts costing money, relationships, work… ?

Go the Men’s Health Forum to find out more and to find out how you can get involved!

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