How WSA member Parkour UK is growing participation and inclusion in Wales

How WSA member Parkour UK is growing participation and inclusion in Wales

Parkour UK, the National Governing Body for parkour across the UK is a member of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), and has spoken about the strides the organisation has taken to grow participation and inclusion in Wales.

The parkour community is ever-growing in Wales, and Parkour UK has been working to increase the sport’s visibility and accessibility in the country.

One initiative has seen one Cardiff-based facility feature on television.

“We were thrilled to have collaborated with CBeebies and Cardiff-based parkour facility Fluidity Freerun to film a new kids’ TV show for the BBC right within the gym’s premises,” Parkour UK told the WSA.

“This exciting project will not only showcase the incredible talent within the local parkour community but also promote the gym and, most importantly, bring parkour into the spotlight across Wales and the UK.

“By making parkour visible through mainstream media, we aim to inspire more individuals to explore the sport, creating a dynamic and inclusive community in Wales.”

Frazer Meek is the owner at Fluidity Freerun, and also commented:

“Having our students and gym featured on a big platform such as CBeebies helps to highlight the sport and our practice to the masses!

“Having a feature based around some of our young students is awesome. It helps show how inclusive our activity is to practice, as well as help dispel some myths on risk and danger by having the kids safely demonstrate what they have learned from their parkour coaches in a purpose-built facility. This feature will definitely raise awareness on parkour and our facility in South Wales, which will help uptake in our sessions!”

Parkour UK also strives to create inclusive spaces within its community, collaborating with Queer Parkour Cardiff to enable this.

“We are working alongside Queer Parkour Cardiff to develop an information and guidance page on our website. This page will cater to members of the parkour community who identify as LGBTQIA+, providing them with valuable resources, support, and a platform to connect and engage within the community.

“We aim to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and represented. This combination of community partnerships and media exposure reflects our dedication to enhancing the presence and accessibility of parkour in Wales.”

Learn more about this collaboration here.

Things are only on the rise for parkour in Wales and across the UK, and WSA member Parkour UK is working to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy the thrilling sport.

With specific reference to Wales, Parkour UK explained that “the future is filled with a commitment to furthering the development of parkour within the region.

“We are working to ensure that parkour remains accessible and inclusive for all, regardless of age, gender, background and ability. We promote local parkour classes and workshops on our socials and hope to contribute to growing a diverse community in Wales. Parkour UK will also continue to provide Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications in Wales. Our courses are designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become certified parkour coaches.

“Our goal is to encourage more people to take up coaching roles in parkour, ultimately attracting more participants to the sport and business to local gyms. Our women’s engagement projects aim to close the gender gap within parkour throughout the UK, and we hope that these campaigns will encourage more Welsh girls to give parkour a go.

“In essence, Parkour UK is dedicated to contributing to the growth of our sport in Wales and envisions a future where parkour is widely embraced as an inclusive and accessible discipline, offering opportunities for personal growth and community engagement to everyone who wants to get or stay active.”

The WSA is delighted to be able to provide its services and resources to members like Parkour UK.

Their work in providing accessible opportunities to partake in physical activity is essential to the wellbeing of our nation, and we’re thrilled to be able to support their work through membership.

“Parkour UK is excited and grateful to be a member of the Welsh Sport Association,” Parkour UK also stated. “We highly value the WSA’s commitment to advocating for sports and physical activities, and we see this partnership as an opportunity for collaboration and growth.

“Our partnership with the WSA is not just about membership; it’s about actively engaging with a network that shares our passion for sports and physical activity. We look forward to collaborating, leveraging resources, and strategically targeting areas of interest to further the growth and accessibility of parkour in Wales.”

Head to the Parkour UK website to discover more about their excellent work.

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