Latest Welsh Government COVID-19 Update

Latest Welsh Government COVID-19 Update

The Welsh Government last week published “Together for a Safer Future: Wales’ long term COVID-19 transition from pandemic to endemic”. You can find the document here in English and here in Welsh.

A written statement in Welsh and English has also been published. 

Today is the conclusion of the latest three weekly review of Coronavirus regulations. The next review will complete on the 24 March, with Welsh Government signalling their intent to let the current coronavirus regulations expire on the 28 March.

Guidance will still outline encouraged behaviours such as use of face masks, working from home if possible, increasing ventilation etc.

This follows changes in the law early last week which now mean that face coverings are required in a much more limited range of venues. 

Self isolation for confirmed positive cases will be advised until at least June, with testing for symptomatic individuals to be available through this period.

The long term plan sets out the future for vaccination, test trace and protect, and all our ongoing behaviours relating to infection control for all respiratory viruses. There is also an outline approach should we see new vaccine escaping variants.

Previously announced financial support mechanisms are not affected by this announcement. For example, 50% non domestic rates relief for leisure business will continue through 2022-2023.

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