Media Training and Presentation Skills Seminar

Media Training and Presentation Skills Seminar

This Media Training and Presentation Skills Seminar is delivered by Lloyd Bell Productions

Perfect for…

· CEOs

· Performance Athletes

· Pathway Athletes

1. Service Summary

Training Seminars

A training seminar will familiarise and educate representatives who will be responsible for communicating the right messages and help to further establish their role within their organisation. A familiarisation session presents an opportunity to educate individuals on the power of radio and television and give them an insight on how to best present themselves and the brand in a media and public speaking environment. The interactive session will replicate a realistic interview situation, enabling the delegates to put into practice what they learn during familiarisation session – then repeat and improve their technique.

In addition to media training, the LBP team will also provide useful advice on editorial placement i.e., how to place a story and building relationships with the media. The seminar will also focus on developing presentational skills, to explore how delegates conduct themselves when speaking at Awards, giving a talk or presenting to potential sponsors for maximum impact.

Familiarisation session:

· To educate and inform the trainee of what the media are looking for from an interview.

· To assist and advise on how best to engage the media and get the right message across.

· To share best practices and mistakes to be aware of.

· To recommend how best to integrate key messages into the interview.

An interactive training session:

· To replicate a realistic interview situation, enabling the trainee to practice the learning’s of the familiarisation session.

· To repeat and improve technique, enhancing knowledge and confidence in preparation for a real-life interview situation.

· To instil confidence and focus on realistic presentation and public speaking scenarios.

2. Bespoke Plan

· All interviewing techniques will be covered from positive angles, key brand messages plus crisis management so that the delegate is confident in all situations.

· In addition to TV and radio, the LBP media consultant will also provide training in terms of presentation skills and public speaking.

3. Timings

· Initial questionnaire to gauge each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to build up a profile ahead of the session.

· Briefing on radio and TV; dealing with the media and the dos and don’ts.

· Creation of role-plays as each individual is presented with different scenarios.

· Briefing on how to present in terms of delivery and capturing an audience.

· Summary.

Cost: £300 + VAT, per delegate, based on a group session in Cardiff.

Duration: ½ Day face to face.

To enquire, please contact [email protected].

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