National Insurance Awareness Day – Are you covered?

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day – The annual reminder to ensure that your insurance cover is sufficient to protect your needs. We asked our insurance partner, Watkin Davies to give us some tips to make sure you’re getting the best out of your insurance deal…

#1. Talk with your insurance agent.

Set up time to sit down with your insurance agent and review your policies to help make sure your insurance coverage is still appropriate for your organisation. An in-depth review can help uncover gaps in your insurance coverage, or ensure that you have adequate limits in place. Have you hired new staff? Have you added a new service? These are examples of how changes in your business could require a change to your policies.

#2. Remind your employees of safe workplace practices.

Injuries to your workforce can slow down your organisation. The cost for workplace injuries can amount to thousands or even millions of pounds. While Employers’ Liability insurance is designed to help protect your organisation and your employees, avoiding injuries altogether is ideal and setting aside time to remind your employees about workplace safety is a great way to keep it top of mind. For example, you could schedule a team meeting to get everyone together to review health & safety policies and provide updated safety literature.

#3. Make sure your organisation’s data is protected.

Cyber security risks are a fast-growing concern for today’s business world and cyber criminals do not just target large organisations. While there is no way to guarantee your business won’t get breached, the best way to mitigate the cost of a breach is to be prepared: secure the business, get a plan in place, and make sure everyone knows their role in preventing and responding to a breach. A Cyber Liability Insurance policy can help provide peace of mind that your business and its assets will be protected.

#4. We are proud to partner with the WSA & FAW Trust.

Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants are proud to be the Official Insurance Partner for the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) and the Football Association of Wales (FAW) Trust.  As a truly independent Insurance Broker, established for over 40 years’ and operating throughout Wales, we have a dedicated division to Sports, Leisure, Media & Entertainment Insurance with expertise across the sector. Supported by a network of specialist Insurers who provide tailor made and cost effective insurance solutions, whether you’re into organising events, a governing body or a professional sports club.

#5. Next Steps.

Contact Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants in order to arrange a Confidential Audit of your current insurance programme.  An independent audit of your insurance programme will provide:-

    • An analysis of your current and potential insurance risk exposures
    • A GAP analysis showing how your risk exposures match against your current programme
    • Benchmark pricing for our recommended insurance programme
    • Details of an example service plan, including areas of additional assistance such as Health & Safety and Risk Management

#6. Contact us.

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Position: Sales & Development Director Position: Director
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