National Sporting Heritage Day 2022

National Sporting Heritage Day 2022

Join the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) in celebrating National Sporting Heritage Day 2022 on the 30th September!

The event is put on annually by Sporting Heritage and is held to champion all our sporting heritage. The day is aimed at sharing and celebrating all our sport, sporting heritage stories and collections. The day began in 2014 with a handful of activities and has grown each year to include more sports and a greater variety of events and partners.

There are lots of ways to get involved from holding events, creating exhibitions and hosting tournaments, to sharing collections, videos and stories online. Everyone can get involved by attending an event in their area or by engaging with #NSHD2022 and sharing their own sporting heritage stories.

This year, National Sporting Heritage Day will focus on celebrating and sharing the diversity within sporting heritage, with activities happening on the 30th September to reflect all our experiences of sport and sporting heritage and to be an inspiration to everyone.

The day will support people and organisations to use NSHD2022 to share stories from their communities. This includes under-represented communities, including young people, LGBT+ people, disabled people, people of colour and neurodiverse people.

It’s an exciting opportunity to take part in a national campaign to champion your sport. It can help you celebrate and promote what you do, find new audiences, give profile to your sporting pioneers and inspire a new generation. National Sporting Heritage Day is supported by a growing community and it relies on people getting involved to make change and have an impact.

Ruth Johnson, from Football Unites, Racism Divides, said:

“National Sporting Heritage Day helped us to provide a platform for female players from a diverse range of ages and ethnicities to share their experiences. It has also increased confidence and pride amongst our group members and opened opportunities for us.”

Discover more about this fantastic day and learn how you can engage with these important celebrations on the Sporting Heritage website.

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