Sport:80 and Wales Netball combine to fantastic effect

Welsh Sports Association (WSA) members Wales Netball approached our partners Sport:80 when their old membership system started to cause inefficiencies that proved time-consuming and obstructive to the organisation’s progression.  

Laura Milford, Head of Operations at Wales Netball, worked closely with Sport:80 to find a solution. 

“I can still feel the pain from the old system – it was very clunky and outdated,” Laura told Sport:80.  

“For example, it was too easy for our members to produce duplicate profiles which would cause us extreme difficulty when performing an audit.” 

With close collaboration, a transformative system was delivered, helping Wales Netball to efficiently remodel their online services with a wide variety of administration tools to manage their members, data, reporting, events, finance, email communications, and other areas. 


Not only did Sport:80 help develop a new membership system for them, but they also provided extensive consultations to get into the detail of the organisation’s requirements and test its functionality to ensure that it operated exactly as desired. 

“The transition was made to be very simple and the Sport:80 onboarding team gave us so much support during the process, which made it really smooth. We were asked exactly what we wanted and needed, and they worked alongside us to ensure we got it.  

“Everyone at Sport:80 has been super professional and easy to work with, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them.” 

The introduction of Sport:80’s technology has lightened the load on Wales Netball’s staff team and has also seen a significant increase in the number of participants engaging with the platform. 

“It’s had an impact for our entire organisation’s staff because there’s more involvement now. Rather than the system administration being the responsibility of just one person, everybody is able to take ownership of their own sections and necessary functions,” Laura said. 

“We’ve had so many people within our network celebrate the move from our old system to the Sport:80 system. The member journey – all the way from creating a profile to using features like squad payments – is now so simple.” 

Importantly, the organisation is witnessing a notable decrease in system administration issues having to be addressed by their team. 

“Previously we would have endless queries filling our email inboxes about small administration tasks like password resets or difficulties logging in, which accounted for approximately 70% of the queries we received – particularly at the beginning of the season. Now it maybe accounts for 5%.” 

You can read the case study of Sport:80’s work with Wales Netball, here

To find out about Sport:80’s innovative services, click here.  

To see all of the WSA’s partners and what services they can provide to your organisation, click here.

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