Squash Wales: WSA Finance Plus is game-changer

Squash Wales: WSA Finance Plus is game-changer

One of three Welsh Sports Association (WSA) Membership Plus packages, Finance Plus was launched in April 2022 on top of standard membership benefits.  

The bolt-on package provides confidential, professional hands-on bookkeeping service and support, designed for small to medium-sized member organisations looking for support with financial compliance.   

Within the offer will include annual reviews of finance compliance against the Sport Wales capability framework and the preparation of monthly management accounts, inclusive of a financial summary report for board meetings.  

Since its release, nine WSA members have utilised Finance Plus, with Squash Wales signing up to it in July 2022. 

And since taking it up, Squash Wales’ Office and Business Manager Russell Edwards has felt its benefit. 

“Given our small operational workforce, the service has greatly alleviated the pressure on me,” he told the WSA. “It offers the support that allows me to concentrate on other important tasks. 

“Moreover, it significantly reduces the time constraints and stress that I previously faced. It’s been a game-changer for our operations! 

“Specifically,” continued Russel, “the vast majority of the support is in creating annual budgets, monthly management accounts (budget figures and forecasting), quarterly board accounts and end of year procedures.” 

The package is delivered by WSA’s Finance Officer Ehtasham Janjua, who Russell has described as “exceptional”. 

“He is consistently professional, punctual, and showcases exemplary customer service. Whenever I reach out, whether through email or messages, Ehtasham replies promptly and efficiently. I always feel that he is there to support us, and his dedication and commitment truly stand out.  

“It’s been a pleasure working with him.” 

Like with all three of the WSA’s Membership Plus packages, Finance Plus is designed to maximise members’ organisational capacity and efficiency.  

“Finance Plus has been a valuable asset to Squash Wales, especially considering our small workforce,” Russel confirmed.  

“In my role, where I juggle multiple tasks, it has streamlined our financial processes, allowing for increased efficiency. Before Finance Plus, I spent significant time on financial tasks, but now I can swiftly complete these tasks and move on to other pressing matters.  

This has greatly enhanced our organisational capacity and saved precious time, making our processes more effective than ever before! 

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Finance Plus to other organisations in the sector,” Russell concluded, “especially for those with a small workforce; the service can be a game-changer.  

“It not only streamlines processes but also provides impeccable support, which gives a profound feeling of security, ensuring that financial operations are in safe hands.  

“Using Finance Plus can greatly enhance efficiency and peace of mind, making it an invaluable tool for any organisation, big or small.” 

Head to our dedicated Membership Plus page to discover more about Finance Plus as well as Advocacy Plus and Content & Comms Plus, now! 

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