Table Tennis Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Table Tennis Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Rhian Pearce is the General Manager at Table Tennis Wales, and describes the support that the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) gives to her organisation as “invaluable”.

Rhian Pearce, General Manager at Table Tennis Wales

Speaking to the WSA, Rhian said:

Initially we joined because we needed some assistance as an organisation to grow in terms of our governance and some core central services. Everything was very volunteer-led, so the support of the WSA was really invaluable – when it came to renewing, there was only one choice.  

We’ve had great help with things like safeguarding support with the DBS checking service, which has improved upon the manual system we used before and for which we are grateful; insurance, that we’ve had through the WSA’s relationship with Watkin Davies; and the helpline, which we’ve been able to advertise as a benefit to our own member clubs who seek legal and HR help as well!

More recently we’ve made use of a huge amount of governance support as well as the COVID-19 business continuity webinars which have been an absolute life-saver. 

Rhian continued to detail one particular struggle that Table Tennis Wales has faced, and how the WSA aided in carrying the organisation through troubled waters:

Over the last year we’ve had some particular challenges with our governance structure and during that difficult period, the WSA were really supportive. They’ve been with us every step of the way and have provided support as and when we required, and with the right consultants – whether regarding legal matters or governance – to basically get us through. 

Part of this process has meant that we’ve needed to review all of our company articles which, without the support through the GLFW contract with Vibrant Nation, would have been very costly for us to absorb as a small organisation. If we had to support the cost of this assistance over the past two years alone, we would have struggled to do so and I think we would have been in a worse position as a company because of that; I can’t sing the WSA’s praises highly enough because it’s just been invaluable.

Rhian concluded by summarising her experience with the WSA:

The WSA are a 10/10 on every front.

Whether I get in contact about Comms support or policy grey areas, they’re very approachable, concise and excellent with their advice, and will try to help but, if they can’t, will always put you on to someone else who can. You can go to them about anything around the business operations and their phone/website portal covers what it takes to run governing bodies. We’ve appreciated having someone in our corner to support us.

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