The newest Membership Plus package – Content & Comms Plus

The newest Membership Plus package – Content & Comms Plus

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest Membership Plus package, Content & Comms Plus! 

The first two Membership Plus packages were released in April, with both Advocacy Plus and Finance Plus receiving great engagement and feedback.  

WSA Chief Executive Andrew Howard said:  

“As part of the WSA’s strategy, Setting Sport up for Success, one of our objectives is to continue to develop our Membership Plus offering, in collaboration with our members, and we aim to be delivering five Membership Plus packages by 2025.” 

So, we are excited to launch our third, which strives to provide focussed and cost-effective support to our member organisations in relation to their content, communications and event requirements. 

“With this Membership Plus offer,” added Howard, “we aim to strengthen the public platform on which our members stand and in doing so, help the members and their teams and athletes to be heard, because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it!” 

Content & Comms Plus will offer organisations regular and high-quality content across various platforms as detailed below: 

  • The creation of two articles every week throughout the year, ensuring your website and newsletter stay fresh and engaging 
  • A monthly comms planner for two of your social channels, subsequently followed by 20 social media posts across those platforms 
  • Ad-hoc editing and updating of your website pages to maintain relevance and accuracy in information 

The WSA Content & Comms Plus offer also contains support with one key event per year… 

  • Promotional content on your website and social channels throughout the month prior, as well as the event benefiting from prioritised circulation across the WSA network 
  • Live social media activity and point-scoring updates during the event, with support livestreaming the action through our specialist partners Joymo* and two interviews with any participants, coaches or attendees 
  • Uploading of final results and content to your website, followed by a round-up article of the event and social media posts 

This, of course, is simply a template of our offer! If there is something in particular within the package that appeals to you and your organisation and you want us to focus on delivering just one component of the service, be sure to get in contact with the WSA team! 

So, find out more by visiting our dedicated Membership Plus page

And, if you’re looking to sign up to WSA membership, be sure to check out our Become a Member page.

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