The significant effect WSA partner Sport:80 is having on Welsh Gymnastics member experience

The significant effect WSA partner Sport:80 is having on Welsh Gymnastics member experience

Welsh Sports Association (WSA) partner Sport:80 is providing its innovative platform to member organisation Welsh Gymnastics, simplifying the NGB’s DBS checking process as well as wider member experience.

Welsh Gymnastics has incorporated the WSA’s DBS system for sport and leisure, into the Sport:80 membership management system, allowing the organisation to have further control of the DBS process and enable member clubs to undertake the process directly.

90 Gymnastics clubs now have access to the fully bilingual DBS system. The Gymnastics integration allows users to process their DBS checks via their Sport:80 Platform profile and is entirely web-based, so is available 24/7 from any location with an accessible internet connection.

Over 350 organisations across the UK and across various sectors now utilise the WSA DBS service for sport and leisure.

On Sport:80’s overall service, Welsh Gymnastics CEO Victoria Ward commented:

“We have just launched Sport:80. Their team has been exceptional. Within 2 weeks of launching the service, 57% of our members are now auto renewing.

“We are on a journey of digital transformation, and Sport:80 has allowed us to offer a significantly improved experience to our members. The feedback we have had so far has been excellent. Relative to the volume of members being processed through the system, the queries raised have been minimal.

“How we ever managed without Sport:80, I don’t know!”

Sport:80 COO, Jonny Turner, also stated:

“We are delighted to be integrating the Welsh Sports Association’s DBS service with our Platform.

“Facilitating effective governance is a major priority across the sports sector globally and we are committed to ensuring the necessary tools are available and accessible through our technology.

“This integration forms part of a growing suite of tools that we offer to streamline compliance and safeguarding requirements.

“Any organisation using the service will have the ability to process and track their members’ DBS records seamlessly within the Sport:80 Platform with no manual input required by administrators.

“The benefits Welsh Gymnastics is experiencing are a testament to the hard work and commitment shown by their team, who have embraced forward-thinking mindset. They bravely took the leap to modernise key processes and fully committed to journey we have guided them along.”

WSA Commercial Manager Tom Sharp added:

“Sport:80’s Platform is widely utilised by organisations across the UK, and we believe that by integrating our DBS service for sport and leisure, we can improve efficiencies for the NGBs and ensure that the UK’s sporting environment is safer and more enjoyable for all.”

Click here to learn more about the Sport:80 offer and to get started!

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