Localgiving have announced that they have removed the 5% commission on donations under £200.

This is something they have been working towards for a long time and that have been specifically testing in the last year. They tell us that they are very excited that as much money as possible will be reaching their members! 

There has also been a 200% increase in donations via Localgiving. Many organisations are running appeals related to COVID-19. This includes a number in Wales that have seen over £1,000 donated within their first 24 hours. Some organisations in Wales have received over £12,000 in donations via Localgiving in the last few weeks. We would encourage WSA members to consider whether they have something important that they could fundraise for at this time.

This could be something obviously vital, such as continuing the work a foodbank or an organisation supporting the elderly who are self-isolating at home. Many organisations are fundraising to be able to digitalise/alter their services or prepare for when services can resume in however many months it takes. Examples include project funding or equipment to be able to come back in full strength when they are able to re-open. Organisations should use this time to really strengthen and focus on their fundraising to sustain their vital service delivery!

Magic Little Grants is also going full-steam ahead and Local Giving have already had a large number of applications. This funding is for organisations with an income below £250,000 who would like funding to encourage people to be physically active, improving their fitness and wellbeing. This could be an activity that is already running or something new to launch or a one-off day trip etc. There is no rush to spend the money so it is fine to apply in relation to something that takes place in the autumn/winter. You can find out more information here

While their Local Hero programme has been delayed until the Autumn (most likely September or October), there is also funding being offered by other providers at this time such as the funding.cymru site – including Martin Lewis’ grants for projects relating to COVID-19 here. The deadline for applications for this is midnight on Wednesday 25th March.

If you have any questions about how Local Giving can help your organisation, please contact [email protected] or for more information see their latest newsletter here.

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