Welsh Government relaxes COVID-19 rules

Welsh Government relaxes COVID-19 rules

The Welsh Government has relaxed requirements on COVID-19 passes as of today. All the venues previously covered by the domestic Covid Pass regulations – large indoor and outdoor events, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres and concert halls – will no longer need to restrict entry to vaccinated individuals or those who have a negative test (or are medically exempt).  

However, guidance will say that venues and event operators can still use the Covid Pass on a voluntary basis. So please make sure you’re familiar with your venues and events requirements before you attend.

Covid passes will continue to be available via the NHS online system.

Further relaxations are anticipated next Friday, before the next three weekly review of the Covid regulations on the 3 March. Welsh Government is currently expecting to continue on a path of relaxations until the end of March as transition towards the post-pandemic period.

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