Welsh Rowing enjoy tremendous travel with WSA partner Gray Dawes Travel 

Welsh Rowing enjoy tremendous travel with WSA partner Gray Dawes Travel 

Welsh Rowing utilised Welsh Sports Association (WSA) partner Gray Dawes Travel to head to the Home Nations Rowing Regatta in July. 

The competition took place in Lough Rynn, leaving WSA member Welsh Rowing with a lot of ground to make up. The task was made all the more challenging by the fact that the travelling group was over 70-strong from varying locations in England and Wales, including 63 athletes! 

Despite the fact that lead time was short, leaving Gray Dawes with the challenge of availability and suppliers getting back to them, arrangements were rapidly put in place to provide Welsh Rowing with top-quality travel to, from, and during their trip. 

CEO of Welsh Rowing, Dan Fella, explained how the experience with Gray Dawes “made my life a lot easier”. 

“We were transporting over 70 athletes and support staff from two different locations in England and Wales across to Ireland, and had to be shuttled to and from the accommodation,” he told the WSA.  

“What made this trickier was that half were juniors and we had athletes with disabilities who required the use of a wheelchair. So, booking coaches on both sides of the water and ferries was a huge undertaking.  

“They arranged all of this for us with a detailed itinerary and contacts of all the companies!” 

The travel experience proved smooth for Welsh Rowing who were pleased with the service. 

“The experience was very good,” explained Dan. “They weren’t phased by the travel details and came back promptly; the ease of use was fantastic!” 

Welsh Rowing enjoyed their time out in Ireland, picking up a record haul of six gold medals at the Home Nations Rowing Regatta 2023 and, according to Dan, would have no hesitation in calling upon Gray Dawes in the future. 

“We would definitely use them again,” he concluded. “There are a lot of athletes on the trips we undertake, so we have a lot of logistics. Life is made so much easier if the travel is sort by experts!” 

Check out the Gray Dawes WSA partner page to see how our partnership can support your travel requirements!

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