What support can Advocacy Plus offer you?

What support can Advocacy Plus offer you?

Advocacy Plus is a Membership Plus package, designed to supplement the core Welsh Sports Association (WSA) benefits by offering tailored and focused support with our members’ advocacy requirements.

It was released in April of this year and, designed to provide cost-effective solutions that aim to optimise organisational efficiency and capacity, a number of our members have already enrolled in its services.

Included in this package that’s offers specific guidance and support in relation to Welsh Government and the Senedd is:

  • Advocacy support to Senior Leadership team – two development sessions available annually to offer political advice and support.
  • A bespoke monthly Advocacy report to match closely to your organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • Introduction to the online Politics training programme with unlimited access for staff – an opportunity for the team to gain a solid grounding and understanding of sports policy in Wales, as well as the wider political landscape.
  • Advocacy Board Development briefings – two sessions annually to aid strategic development, including stakeholder mapping, support with policy and to feed into advocacy plan.
  • Account Management – strategic advice and introductions to officials; political briefing documents with proposed guest lists and suggestions to engage and embrace the wider sporting landscape in relation to Principle 7 of the Sport Wales Governance & Leadership Framework Wales.

Priced at just £5,000, the WSA’s Advocacy Plus package is an excellent tool to stay abreast of Welsh Government and Senedd activity that is pertinent to the sport and leisure sector and to your organisation, while keeping within – and even under – budget.

As you look to the new year and to fresh challenges that will be coming the way of our sector, such as increasing utility and energy rates amid the cost of living crisis, please check out how Advocacy Plus can be a crucial component for your organisation in 2023 and find out how to get started!

You can also find more information on Finance Plus, the WSA’s other bolt-on package released in April, on our dedicated Membership Plus page.

The WSA will also be looking to release further Membership Plus packages in the near future, with discussions over a package focusing on content, communications and events ongoing – if this sounds of interest to your organisation, please get in touch with the WSA team!

If you would like to sign up to the WSA membership base, visit our Become a Member page.

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