WSA Helpline Available to Members

WSA Helpline Available to Members

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is the independent membership body for the sport and leisure industry in Wales, charged with the task of providing leadership, advocacy and a gateway to business and governance services for the sector.

As the collective voice for the sector in proactively advocating and influencing key decision makers, the WSA also enable members to become stronger, more successful and sustainable through providing a wide range of business support services.

Among the plethora of support that the WSA offers are a variety of helplines that members can access through one phone number.

WSA members have exclusive access to a range of experts, through the number available on our dedicated Helpline page. Please note that you must be logged in to find this number!

This is a free service that extends to a maximum of 30 minutes of telephone advice, with the exception of hour-long calls available for legal support and for advice from Just Solutions regarding future sporting facilities.

Should you require additional services, such as written guidance or formal representation, our advisors can do this on a commercial basis and can provide you with a written quotation!

Please view the table below, outlining the range of professional advice accessible through our dedicated helpline:

Advice CategoryService Provider
NSPCC Helpline – Option 1Call 0808 800 5000 24/7 if you are concerned for a child’s welfare.
Taxation: inc. advice on CASC & Charitable Status – Option 2Dedicated WSA Helpline.
Governance & Finance – Option 3Dedicated WSA Helpline.
VAT – Option 4Service provided by Centurion VAT – This is an initial exploratory call to establish areas of potential concern.
Legal Helpline – Option 5Service provided by Loosemores LLP.
HR: available to employers & employees – Option 6Service provided by ACAS. To conduct the call in Welsh, please email [email protected] for an appointment.
Commercial Development in Sport – Option 7Dedicated WSA Helpline.
Insurance & Risk Management – Option 8Service provided by Watkin Davies.
DBS Helpline – Option 9WSA Background Screening in partnership with CBS Services – This is a bi-lingual service.
Protection of Sports Grounds/Fields – Option 0Service provided by Fields in Trust.
Fit for the Future Sports FacilitiesService provided by Just Solutions – call 07885 155814

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