WSA Member Benefits set for extension with Membership Plus

WSA Member Benefits set for extension with Membership Plus

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) are nearing the launch of Membership Plus in April 2022 – an initiative that will represent an extension on existing member benefits. 

The concept of Membership Plus has been conceived following consultation with the WSA membership base and is primarily aimed at providing cost-effective solutions to optimise organisational efficiency and capacity.  

Through this new initiative, the WSA will offer an ‘off the shelf’ selection of packages, under the banner Membership Plus, in addition to the core membership (which will undergo a revamp itself – hold on for details!). 

Each member will be able to purchase a Membership Plus package through a fixed fee, for which access to all the services detailed will be granted. The selection of services comprising each Membership Plus package, and the associated fixed fees, represent a much lower figure than investing in each individual service from separate sources, aiding the WSA in achieving its goal of facilitating resilience and effectiveness for its members.   

April will see the launch of Advocacy Plus, which consists of bespoke support and guidance for member organisations in relation to Welsh Government and the Senedd; as well Finance Plus, constituting of confidential and professional hands-on financial support – the latter of which has been originally designed for small- to medium-sized member organisations. 

Further detail on the Advocacy Plus and Finance Plus packages will be communicated to WSA members in the coming weeks. In the interim, please contact the WSA team for more information. 

In addition to these new bolt-on packages, the WSA will also be updating its core membership offer to include a range of new templates and resources, partner opportunities and digital platforms, as well as developments to training offers! Please get in touch with the WSA team for further detail.

For more information about our current available support and resources, click here.

To discover how to sign up to WSA membership, click here.

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