WSA Sports Industry Awards 2023 Winner Feature: Skateboard GB MySkate App 

WSA Sports Industry Awards 2023 Winner Feature: Skateboard GB MySkate App 

Amid two other brilliantly innovative projects, Skateboard GB took home the Best Innovation Award at last year’s Welsh Sports Association (WSA) Sports Industry Awards for their MySkate App.  

The app is the UK’s number one skateboarding app, launched in 2020 after Skateboard GB recognised there was an opportunity to further deliver on the organisation’s core principle – helping people ‘skate more, skate better’. 

The innovative functionality and intuitive user experience has seen MySkate become the go-to resource for skateboarders who want to discover and map new places to skate, find local skateboard shops and events, and have fun skateboarding in diverse communities. 

The app promotes community through fun competition with friends; by creating an engaging interactive version of the classic game ‘S.K.A.T.E’. 

Given the functionality and ethos behind the MySkate App, its success is no great surprise; in the first six months of its launch, it was downloaded by 12,000 users. And, prior to the WSA Sports Industry Awards 2023, it had been downloaded by over 40,000 users with an average of over 180,000 user sessions each month.  

“The app continues to grow,” Skateboard GB’s Head of Digital Engagement, Neil Ellis, told the WSA. 

“It now lists over 2,100 skateparks and over 1,000 skate spots. In the summer we see over 80,000 uses of the app each month and we are seeing increasing numbers of returning users.” 

The app’s popularity and development epitomises its importance within the skateboarding community.  

“The MySkate App is a key project for Skateboard GB and has been running for over 4 years now,” Neil continued. “It provides thousands of skateboarders the ability to find skateparks or skate spots which are not listed anywhere else and allows them to develop skills.” 

The innovation and impact of the app resulted in the recognition that Skateboard GB received last June.  

“We were humbled to receive the best Innovation Award when we were up against so many other larger sports and organisations,” Neil explained.  

“In skateboarding we do things differently and is a hugely creative sport, so we feel like some of this is reflected in what we have created in the MySkate App.

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