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The WSA is fast becoming the go-to place for recruitment in the sport and leisure industry

A prosperous and healthy sport and leisure sector is what we at the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) strive towards, in order to realise our vision of a ‘Vibrant, Active Nation’.

Tasked with providing leadership, advocacy, and a gateway to business & governance services for the sector, the WSA works to empower its members to become stronger and more successful so that they can contribute to a society that is fit for the future.

And, among the multitude of resources available to members, the WSA offers a free-to-use job advertisement service for organisations across the sector to find the right workforce that will enable them to thrive.

Analytics from the WSA website shows that our Vacancies pages are among the most popular on our website. In 2021, our three Vacancies pages amounted to 23.34% of all of our pageviews, while they represent 23.75% of our total pageviews since the turn of the year.

In fact, our primary Vacancies page, on which all job openings submitted are guaranteed to feature, is consistently our most viewed webpage each month, racking up thousands of views – and its popularity is only increasing. The last six months have seen a 35% increase of views of our main Vacancies page from the six-month period prior.

What does the WSA Vacancies page offer members?

And the WSA offers its members the opportunity to advertise any openings they may have – whether it be full-time, part-time, voluntary, or apprenticeship positions – via this fantastic piece of added functionality to the membership offer!

This service is designed to give job-hunters who are determined and passionate about working in sport and leisure a direct connection to the possibilities that are out there for them – from each and every corner of our sector and from all of our members!

Taking away the tediousness of going through endless job adverts to find one that’s right for you, our Vacancies page gives prospective employees the openings they’re searching for, in a field they’re passionate about – and, in turn, makes employers’ recruitment process more efficient and more effective!

To post your organisation’s job openings, simply contact the WSA team and give us any details of the role.

Welcoming this news, WSA CEO Andrew Howard said:

“I’m really excited to see that we are fast becoming the go-to place for recruitment in the sport and leisure sector in Wales.

“Currently we are advertising vacancies on behalf of our members for full-time, part-time and voluntary positions, with paid roles at some of our biggest National Governing Bodies like the Welsh Rugby Union and Welsh Athletics as well as opportunities in the Leisure sector with our valued members Carmarthenshire County Council (Actif) and Caerphilly County Borough Council – so there are many options if you are passionate about a career in the sport and leisure sector.”

Reflecting on his own career, Andrew added; “I had to trawl through newspaper jobs sections to make my breakthrough in the sports industry and that was time consuming and costly for both the recruiter and for the job-hunter.

“My ambition for this free-to-use service to our members is that the WSA Vacancies page is the default destination for all recruitment in the sport and leisure sector in Wales and we encourage all of our members to work with us to ensure that the best talent can be recruited for our sector in Wales.”

Discover the full array of perks to WSA membership on our Member Benefits page.

And find out how you can sign up to membership on our Become a Member page.

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