WSA welcomes Umbrella Faith to office to discuss vital work

WSA welcomes Umbrella Faith to office to discuss vital work

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) was delighted to welcome Umbrella Faith CEO Sadique Maskeen to the office to talk with staff.

Umbrella Faith was set up by Sadique after struggling to find places to pray while out networking and attending events and meetings. The organisation strives to raise awareness of this issue and provides customised prayer mats, or wellbeing mats, for companies to offer their own employees and visitors who require them to pray during the day.

Sadique recently came to the WSA office to discuss the challenges he’d faced, and the importance of addressing them. While speaking to staff, he also presented WSA Finance Officer Ehtasham Janjua with a personalised prayer mat, which he can now keep at the office and utilise throughout his working days.

“It was very special for me to give the prayer mat to Ehtasham,” Sadique commented. “To know he will use it throughout the day is the main achievement; he will build a new bond and connection with WSA doing this.

“This is one of the benefits of having your own, customised prayer mats, or wellbeing mats!”

Ehtasham added:

“I am sincerely grateful to have received the prayer mat. This considerate action not only warms my heart but also aligns remarkably with our corporate ethos.

“It exemplifies the principles of respect, inclusivity, and cultural awareness that are integral to our professional setting, and demonstrates the impact of small gestures in nurturing a supportive and empathetic workplace community.

“I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to Sadique for this thoughtful and significant contribution!”

The WSA is committed to supporting and developing an inclusive sport and leisure sector, and is thrilled to have been able to collaborate with Sadique to provide this prayer mat to Ehtasham and to offer the same opportunity to our members.

“Having prayer mats available for staff and guests shows that you, as a company, have thought outside the box and provided something that can be used by Muslims or anyone wishing to have that reflective time,” explained Sadique.

“The impact this creates is nothing but positive. Employees and guests will feel valued, respected, cared for and it leaves an ever-lasting impression of goodness.

“For any employers or clubs, this new bond and better engagement will make a happier workforce, create a better environment, increase productivity, and make you stand out as being an inclusive organisation.

“It can also help drive Diversity and Inclusion when recruiting, as well as increase employee and guest wellbeing.”

Umbrella Faith aims to foster this environment in spot and leisure and beyond, with Sadique determined to address this key issue everywhere.

“The work I do is of the highest priority for everyone, as Diversity and Inclusion is a key issue within all sectors,” he continued.

“Sport and leisure in Wales is not equal enough, especially within black and ethnic minority communities – whether that be among front-line athletes on the pitch or sport business leaders in the office, there is a lack of diversity.

“I’m passionate about exploring new ways to help organisations not only talk about being more inclusive but show it. The customised prayer mat initiative is just the start of what is needed.”

WSA members can take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount off customised Umbrella Faith prayer mats, all produced using the highest-quality materials and ethically in Pakistan.

With each purchase, customers will receive a free e-book entitled ‘What is a Muslim?’, a simple read that discusses topics such as the five pillars of Islam, Friday Prayer, Eid and Halal food and aims to broaden your understanding of your Muslim colleagues, visitors and friends.

Please contact the WSA office or Umbrella Faith at [email protected] to find out more!

Sadique is also keen to visit any members to discuss his journey and how he can support in making your organisation more inclusive. Don’t hesitate in reaching out to the above email address to get in contact.

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