Flooding support and future protection

The recent flooding has had a devastating impact on communities across Wales. All households affected by flooding throughout Wales will receive £500 from Welsh Government, with an extra £500 available to those without house insurance cover, but many business and sports organisations will also have been damaged.

Welsh Government is asking for those impacted to speak with their local authority emergency support teams in the first instance, to ensure the system is as quick and effective as possible.

The agency in Wales which protects the environment, Natural Resources Wales, has advice on their website here on What to do before, during and after a flood.

If you have been affected by the flooding and are looking for financial support:

With climate change meaning that incidences of significantly heavy rainfall will become more frequent, what can be done to improve flood defences and protect our homes and businesses?

While we cannot avoid heavy rainfall, we can implement improved measures to better manage flooding and protect both residents and businesses. In a bid to combat the impact of climate change, the Welsh Government has a programme to invest £350 million into traditional flood and coastal defences to make communities more resilient against flooding and coastal erosion and has set up a £10m emergency fund to help with the immediate aftermath of the recent floods, but the cost of infrastructure damage and the investment needed to address the climate emergency will go far beyond this.

Unfortunately, the threat of flooding simply cannot be prevented or mitigated for some properties, in which the best course of action would be to move to a safer area. While this may seem sensible for some, it is not that simple for families and businesses who are tied to a property in a high-flood-risk area.

If you’ve had problems with flooding in the past and are now struggling to find affordable insurance, or a willing insurer, why not call our partner Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants on 02920 626226 for a quotation.

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