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Does your job include the daunting act of standing in front of a camera and giving an interview? Do you envy the professionals who look flawless on camera every time? We guarantee they’ve had media training, and now, so can you. Introducing Orchard’s MediaTrain – an invaluable new service for anyone facing a camera or mic, combining their film and tech skills with the media savvy of some well-known personalities.

Using their expertise and facilities, the Welsh Sports Association’s media and event partner Orchard have created tailored coaching sessions for anyone who wants to build their confidence and improve technique in interview situations. They’ve even brought in broadcast journalist Dot Davies – BBC’s ‘Wimbledot’- and presentation coach Amanda Thomas to make the experience a much more real and effective experience for a range of audiences – from the world of sports to business and public affairs.

Anyone can pick up media training online, but if you want real coaching and a proper grilling from people operating daily in the media, Orchard are where you’ll want to do it. Using their Lab facility, which includes recording equipment, a two-way mirror and fully sound-proofed; you’ll be put in a live studio setting and be shown how to stay calm under pressure to get your message across.

Orchard are the only company in South Wales to offer such a facility to do your media training, and you’ll learn the skills that are transferable in any public-facing arena. We guarantee you’ll see a marked difference in your media performance if you do it with Orchard!


[email protected] / 02920 100888

*WSA members can receive a 10% discount across all of Orchard’s services.*

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