How would you like the WSA to contact and engage with you?

How would you like the WSA to contact and engage with you?

All Welsh Sports Association (WSA) activity is centred around supporting our members and enabling them to thrive, aiding them in becoming more resilient, sustainable, and successful organisations.

In order for this collaboration and support to happen, of course, communication between us and those we aim to serve is vital – but we understand that this engagement and contact between the WSA and our members can be challenging due to the fact that not every organisation is the same.

We appreciate that the best time of day to contact our members varies, depending on whether you’re principally made up of volunteers or whether you are run by full-time staff.

We might not be getting all of our information to you…

Of course, our website News section, as well as our weekly newsletter are accessible to all should you wish to keep up with what we offer and what we are doing. However, we are conscious that not all of our members are present on platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn, where we disseminate a lot of other useful information and updates.

So, we are raising this point to ensure that all our members are aware of everything that we are doing, what we can do to support them specifically, and are taking advantage of the full complement of benefits and resources we offer.

How can we engage with you better?

Therefore, please let us know how and when you receive information from the WSA, and how we can improve to engage with you better. If you would like to arrange a call or a discussion outside of the working day, this can also be arranged – we’re keen to support ALL our members equally!

We would be very grateful if you could complete the short form below to help us in supporting you to full potential.

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