National Fitness Day 2022

National Fitness Day 2022

Taking place on Wednesday 21st September, National Fitness Day 2022 will be an opportunity for everyone to highlight and appreciate the importance and the role that physical activity has in our lives.

The campaign is all about raising awareness of its importance in assisting us lead healthier lifestyles through being physical active, so we at the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) urge everyone to take part!

National Fitness Day aims to celebrate what fitness means to people, promoting that keeping physically active means something different to us all. It is designed with a specific mission in mind – to be the biggest movement in breaking down the barriers that stop people being active, showing that fitness is for everyone!

It is well documented that physical activity brings a wealth of benefits relating to our physical, mental, and social wellbeing, as well as having the ability to bring people together. The campaign is a chance to put on a huge range of activities that participants of all ages and backgrounds can participate in and enjoy!

Whether you are a gym operator, an equipment supplier, outdoor or online fitness provider, blogger, personal trainer, workplace, school, college, university or a member of the public, you can get involved and spread the benefits of physical activity – either by hosting an event or taking part in one the many free activities put on during the day all across the UK!

To find out more about how you can get involved in National Fitness Day 2022, visit the campaign’s Get Involved page.

You can also visit the NFD website to discover all you need to know about the campaign!

This year National Fitness Day have partnered with P81 to provide a shop where you can buy your very own NFD t-shirt; you can buy a t-shirt with just the National Fitness Day logo or get your logo put on it! Visit the shop to see more.

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