WSA & CLUK partnership easing the burden of DBS duties for more organisations

WSA & CLUK partnership easing the burden of DBS duties for more organisations

Courtesy of the strategic partnership formed between the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) and Community Leisure UK (CLUK), more organisations across the UK will have access to preferential rates on our esteemed DBS checking service, therefore easing the burden of this crucial component of more organisations’ safeguarding duties.

The memorandum of understanding between WSA and CLUK will extend decreased fees on our robust DBS service (run through our trading arm Vibrant Nation) to CLUK members across the country, supporting in our mission to ensure that as many organisations as possible are able to carry out this vital step in their safeguarding responsibilities with a minimum of hassle and maximum effectiveness.

CLUK members will be given preferential rates on the administrative fees, as are WSA members themselves, with no set up fee for the online service!

The WSA has been providing DBS checks for six years and offers Wales’ only bilingual service. Our digitalised system eases the administrative toll on your organisation and maximises the efficiency of the whole process, and it’s one of the cheapest services on the market – which CLUK members will now be able to take full advantage of!

Tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice and The Home Office, the WSA system has also been endorsed by both Welsh Government and the NSPCC so rest assured that the service is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

Our service is not run for profit, either. This means that all the money made from our DBS checking service, which is now utilised by over 300 organisations nationwide, will be funnelled back into sport and leisure to make the sector as enjoyable, safe and prosperous for all!

If you would like to discover more about the partnership that gives CLUK members access to our esteemed DBS checking service and would like to register or enquire into taking advantage, please visit our dedicated page.

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