Nutrition Workshop 19/09/16

Following the Welsh Coaching Network Meeting on 12th September, Coaching Cymru held a Nutrition Workshop on  Monday at the Sport Wales National Centre in Sophia Gardens.

The workshop was delivered by Performance Nutritionist Tom Maynard  who works with the likes of Sport Wales, Welsh Athletics and many other National Governing Bodies of sport. Tom  started the evening off with a brief introduction giving coaches a little taster of what was ahead, before giving the coaches and athletes a chance to get to network and collaborate with a group task.

He then went on to deliver his presentation covering all aspects of nutrition ranging from how often to eat, what to eat before training, recovery meals to how to stay hydrated from drinks and also foods that can provide hydration and nourishment.

Throughout the evening Tom was continually keeping the coaches and athletes engaged with group tasks; a great opportunity to give coaches the chance to communicate with other coaches from different sports and backgrounds with completely different perspectives and opinions. I got a chance afterwards to catch up with Tom and get a few words on the evening;

“It was a really positive and interactive session discussing some performance nutrition issues that are faced from athletes and coaches from a wide range of sports. Hopefully everyone who attended took something of value that can be applied in their own sport(s) setting”

The evening was a great success and Coaching Cymru are pleased to be able to offer coaches this kind of learning which is at the heart of its aims in developing coach knowledge and progression.

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