Reporting Governance and leadership standards in Sport

Reporting Governance and leadership standards in Sport

The essence of a sport is its people. From athlete to spectator, coach to official, each person contributes to the sport’s culture. This is also true of the governance and leadership team that are responsible for maintaining standards.

While the board has a key role to play in directing strategy, overseeing risk management, and ensuring that controls and processes are and remain effective, individual board members directly contribute to the organisation’s culture through their attitudes, decisions, and behaviour.

The board has a duty to exercise effective control on the organisation and to have the right standards, systems, and controls in place. This is crucial to making sure that the organisation complies with all regulation and is run effectively.  

Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales

An annual board effectiveness assessment will give you a good, broad picture of how your board is performing but to get an in-depth view, a very useful tool is the CalQRisk Board Member Self-Assessment report.

Self-assessment of an individual’s performance as a Board or Governing Body member

Outlined under each Principle of the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales are a set of Positive Contributions and Unacceptable Behaviours in relation to individual Board members. Welsh Sports Association members can utilise the CalQRisk solution, where there’s a suite of monitoring questions based on these.

The image below shows an example of the kind of questions that board members could or should ask themselves ahead of their individual review with the Chair and prior to the overall annual board performance review.

Question sets can be tailored to focus on specific topics with the aim of improving the collective performance of the board/governing body, and ultimately the culture of your organisation. To report on the outcomes, as well as a powerful monitoring reporting tool, CalQRisk also features a selection of anonymised reports that summarise board member responses.

To find out more, get in touch with the WSA team or contact CalQRisk directly.

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