The Green Mile Training Camp join WSA as Associate Members!

The Green Mile Training Camp join WSA as Associate Members!

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is happy to announce that the Green Mile Training Camp has become an Associate Member! 

The Green Mile is a 110 Acre Health, Wellness and Team-Building Facility based in the mountains of North Cardiff.  

Using their custom-built indoor and outdoor venue, they teach everything from Health & Wellbeing sessions, cold water therapy, breathwork programmes, yoga, survival skills to motivational health days for the NHS, and all the way up to fitness programs and team-building for fellow WSA members like the Welsh Rugby Union. 

The Green Mile Training Camp works with a variety of groups. They do work with businesses and companies, creating bespoke packages to better meet the needs of their staff, teams & goals; sports teams, offering experiences that help increase performance, reduce stress and anxiety, improve communication, mindset and leadership; and educational facilities, promoting wellbeing, self-care and mindfulness, improving concentration, increase focus, and encourage creativity. 

As an Associate Member of the WSA, the Green Mile Training Camp will seek to promote the mental, physical and emotional health benefits of their program of activities and of their unique venue among a wider sport and leisure network. while also benefitting from access to services such as the WSA’s insurance partnerships and DBS checking service. 

Head Instructor at the Green Mile Training Camp, Chris Flynn commented: 

‘’We are very passionate in developing individuals and groups in order to optimise their performance and improve results. 

“We are set to make a significant impact on the development of Welsh sport and have a grand vision for our future; we are excited to share that future with the Welsh Sports Association.”

Green Mile Training Camp are available to chat with anyone who wants to discuss taking their team to the next level. Contact them at [email protected] or on 07701 300 083!

Make sure to check out the breadth of our Member Services to see how membership could support your organisation, too!

And visit our Become a Member page to find out how you can join the WSA!

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