The importance of maintaining regular exercise during COVID-19

These are the thoughts of one of our highly valued associate members Sports Injury Fix who are helping people stay injury free, and to find online treatment in these challenging times.

What an unprecedented time to be living in. As the situation changes daily, it seems that more and more sporting events are being cancelled or postponed. The world has got very serious, very quickly and noticing a palpable reduction in the frustration being vented at “wasted training” and lost fitness. Many are of the attitude that they will continue to train hard and some are thinking they will just stop. Those who regularly attend gyms are either snapping up online equipment to build a home fitness fortress (not a bad thing in the long term too!) or finding novel ways to adapt their training. But again, there are many planning on letting training slip, and of course there are those that do not maintain regular exercise, but should maybe consider it. Not just because there is more time available for most of us working from home, or unfortunately having more time on our hands due to work closures etc. However you decide to exercise during these difficult times is of course your choice, but its important to consider some key points. 

High intensity, high duration, hard training is hard on the body. Not just the muscles, tendons, bones and joints, but ALSO the immune and endocrine systems. Training induced stress can have a depleting effect on your whole body. Similarly, it’s a time of unparalleled life and work stress currently that seems to escalate daily. For most, there has NEVER been a more relevant time to care for your body and place your immune system at the forefront of your thinking. With sports and events currently cancelled, there is ZERO pressure on us to seek or to maintain hard, intense training (maybe slightly more if a professional sports person). NO PRESSURE to go to training, races, games or clubs when not feeling optimal. Now is the time for sensible exercise that promotes restoration and well being,  NOT prime fitness or performance. Train by feel, train for enjoyment and enjoy training for physical and mental well-being. If able (situation dependent), try to get outdoors in the fresh air, or even in the garden. Simply enjoy moving, do activities that you enjoy and love, or even try a new activity.

Healthcare and fitness professionals are rapidly embracing technology to be able to provide online rehab, fitness sessions, virtual group classes and opportunities to try new things literally from the safety and comfort of your home, regardless of age! What an incentive for us to look forward to physically joining new clubs and events once these dark clouds lift, hopefully in the not too distant future. Normal guidelines for activity still apply to the general population. As ever the advice on all things COVID-19 are changing and please do apply the latest relevant government and WHO guidelines to your activity. This recently released article also provides a nice summary on exercising at this time. The events, races, sports seasons and gyms should all be waiting for us on the other side of this, so use the current time to work on exercise that improves the importance of fundamental physical and mental health and well-being and not the things that drain our systems.

As detailed above most therapists are offering online consultations, and that you may be surprised at just how helpful they can be – please review the video below for further information to maintain your fitness and or continue online rehabilitation during this period.

Please do take care, stay safe, stay well and take care of those in your communities who need help.

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