Welsh Cycling, the national governing body for cycling in Wales, welcomes the proposed changes to the governance structures of British Cycling, marking a positive step forward for the national governing body.

British Cycling has confirmed the changes to its governance structure, in order to comply with the new Code for Sports Governance. Welsh Cycling will support amendments to the British Cycling constitution at the Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday 22 July.

Anne Adams-King, chief executive of Welsh Cycling said: “We look forward to working together and supporting British Cycling in becoming a world-class governing body of sport. We understand the changes that need to be made, and are fully behind British Cycling in this process.

For many years, Welsh Cycling has had representation on the British Cycling Board of Directors. We will now back the proposal to formalise this appointment for future years, securing Wales’ place in the British cycling landscape.

Sport has seen significant change and progression in Britain, and we are pleased to see British Cycling will lead the way in implementing the Code of Sport Governance, safeguarding our sport for future generations.”

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