What exactly are WSA Member Benefits?

What exactly are WSA Member Benefits?

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is the membership body for the sport and leisure industry in Wales, striving to support its membership base with a plethora of member benefits that range from advocacy to business support services.

If you’re a UK organisation that runs sporting events, fitness sessions, leisure classes or club matches in Wales, the WSA would be happy to support you with its whole host of resources on offer.

What does the WSA do?

As representatives for the sport & leisure sector, the WSA work collaboratively with organisations throughout the UK and Wales – including key strategic partners like Sport Wales, Welsh Government, the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and Community Leisure UK. 

In order for our mission of a Vibrant, Active Nation and a society that’s fit for the future to materialise, we feel that it’s crucial to empower the entirety of the sporting sector and to facilitate its collective resilience and success in the long-term. Therefore, the WSA ensures that its support services are designed and continuously improved with its members’ specific needs in mind, so that the sport and leisure industry in Wales is set up for a strong future.

If you’re reading outside of Wales, however, don’t worry!

As long as you’re an organisation or body with presence and activity in Wales, the WSA will happily welcome you to its ever-increasing list of members.  

The WSA’s team of staff can advise on the specific regulatory landscape in Wales, including the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) Regulations 2020, Welsh Government Guidance on Covid-19 and a whole host of other issues relating to the sport & leisure sector in Wales. The WSA are here to make sure you can operate effectively and efficiently in Wales and play your part in encouraging a more “Active, Vibrant Nation”. 

What services does the WSA provide?

How long have you got?!

The WSA provide an extensive list of services to its members, with advocacy and policy as well as business support for those providing a healthier future to Wales at the heart of its mission.  

From political monitoring and COVID-19 support to member partnerships and preferential rates, the WSA provide a whole host of popular services – such as its hugely competitive and utilised DBS checking service for sport and leisure.   

The WSA’s core membership offer will also be undergoing a revamp in the near future, as part of our mission to continuously strive for better in the sporting sector. Current plans involve some exciting new partner agreements, updates to the helpline service and advancements to templates, for example – stay tuned for further details!

To find out what the current core membership offer contains, though, click here.

That’s not it, though – nowhere near! The WSA has recently launched its new initiative, Membership Plus, with the drive to develop and improve its membership offer.

Available to members as an extension to core member benefits, Membership Plus comprises of two add-on packages (Advocacy Plus and Finance Plus), containing a selection of focussed and cost-effective services, designed to optimise organisational efficiency and capacity where members require it most.

You can find out more about Membership Plus and join several other organisations in showing an interest in the service, here. Please note that there will be limited availability on this new initiative during the first year, and that the WSA has had its first few orders for the packages already!

To find out more about the entirety of the benefits available through membership, click here.

To discover how to become a member, click here.

And to hear what current members have to say about their experiences with the WSA, click here.

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