WSA member Byw’n Iach release report showcasing social return of investment through its work

WSA member Byw’n Iach release report showcasing social return of investment through its work

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is pleased to share a report from member organisation Byw’n Iach, demonstrating its Social Return on Investment created through its work.

The report suggests an annual cost saving in excess of £28 million, against public sector investment in Byw’n Iach’s work of around £1.5million.

Within the report, this social value is drawn from the following areas of activity:

  • Participation programmes (£21.44m)
  • Economic (facility) impact (£3.57m)
  • Targeted programmes (£206k)
  • Volunteer opportunities (£2.83m)

The largest element of the valuation is driven through the wide range of participation activities and programmes provided across Byw’n lach Leisure Centres, with both health and economic benefits carrying considerable weight.

Volunteer opportunities and targeted programmes (including through Byw’n lach’s wider partnerships) also contribute significantly towards the overall figures.

The report also acknowledges that there were significant gaps in the data this time around, such as lack of individual participant data for school participation. If the model were to be refined to include this participation data, the estimated value of the social return of investment of Byw’n Iach’s work would be significantly higher.

At a time of significant financial pressures, this report is clear evidence and an important reminder of the valuable and essential worked delivered by leisure facilities and operators across Wales.

The WSA welcomes this report as a reminder of the importance of sport leisure within society amidst challenging times, as well as a demonstration of the fantastic work carried out among the WSA membership base.

View the full report here.

WSA CEO, Andrew Howard, commented:

“At a time when the sport and leisure sector faces monumental challenges, this report is a welcome reminder of just how crucial our industry is and how important it is to secure appropriate investment to continue providing opportunities for people to remain physically and mentally healthy.

“The WSA strives to promote and help develop its membership base to demonstrate this fact, and we are delighted to be able to showcase the brilliant work carried out by members like Byw’n Iach.”

As the collective voice for the sector, the WSA will continue to work with Welsh Government, Sport Wales and the Senedd to advocate on behalf of the breadth of our membership base and state the case for investment in sport and leisure.

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