RBI Wales give WSA membership testimonial

RBI Wales give WSA membership testimonial

RBI Wales have been part of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) membership base since before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and their co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Holly Ireland, has expressed what WSA support has meant for the organisation.

“During the pandemic, the WSA ran a series of COVID-19 preparation and management sessions and they were extremely worthwhile and was probably the thing that helped us the most through that in terms of the actual management of regulations.

“While we don’t do an awful lot with the WSA,” she continued, “that sort of help and presence was a big factor in continuing our membership. We know that there is a lot of good work going on at the WSA and we want to stay part of that.

“The WSA are working hard on behalf of sports to make sure that we have access to what we need from Welsh Government, which has been very apparent, and although some things are outside of our price range for the minute, there is evidently good work happening regarding shared services and things like that – which we will eventually be able to make use of.

“To have a centralised location where sport information can be accessed is very powerful.”

Holly went on to detail where the WSA has supported RBI Wales.

“We’ve looked at taking advantage of the volunteer repository while the governing documents that are available to members have been very useful. They’ve helped guide us in making better and more robust documentation for ourselves and I’m sure we’ve found at least one of our policies has been modelled on something we found in those documents, so it’s been a fantastic reference!

“Generally, the WSA have been really easy, lovely and great to speak with – they’re a really good-cultured organisation.”

Holly concluded by revealing whether she’d recommend the WSA to other sporting organisations.

“I would recommend the WSA to organisations in the sector. Whereas it may not be something to lean on with day-to-day needs, it’s a good resource to have in your arsenal and they’re great partners to have if you’re looking to build your sporting organisation.”

You can discover more about the array of services the WSA provides on our Member Benefits page.

Check out our Become a Member page to sign up.

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