WSA Helpline connecting you to industry experts

WSA Helpline connecting you to industry experts

Courtesy of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) helpline, our membership base has exclusive access to a variety of industry experts that can offer an array of advice and support.

As the collective voice for the sector in proactively advocating and influencing key decision makers, we strive to enable members to become stronger, more successful and sustainable through providing a wide range of business support services.

And as part of our mission to represent and support our membership base into a healthier future, one of those services is the WSA helpline that connects members to a selection of experts. Members can access this range of advice via the number available on our dedicated Helpline page. Please note that you must be logged in to the website find this number!

What is the WSA Helpline?

It is a free service that extends to a maximum of 30 minutes of telephone advice, with the exception of hour-long calls available for legal support and for advice from Just Solutions regarding future sporting facilities.

Should you require additional services, such as written guidance or formal representation, our advisors can do this on a commercial basis and can provide you with a written quotation!

There is a range of professional advice accessible through our dedicated helpline, including help with legal matters, governance and finance advice, safeguarding support, and aid regarding HR, insurance, commercial development and the protection of sports facilities.

You can also find the other benefits of WSA membership on our website.

And you can discover how to become a member yourself.

To hear what other organisations have to say about their experiences with the WSA, visit our Testimonials page.

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