The WSA DBS service – it’s a no-brainer!

The WSA DBS service – it’s a no-brainer!

Administering DBS checks for employees and volunteers is one very important part of an organisation’s safeguarding journey. And, to ensure that the sport and leisure sector and beyond is safe for everyone to enjoy, the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) offers a DBS service to support as many organisations in their safeguarding mission.

With a growing client base of over 300 bodies, our DBS service – run through our trading arm Vibrant Nation – has been becoming more and more popular since its launch back in 2016.

Why? Well, it’s no surprise!

WSA DBS service price

First and foremost, the WSA offers one of the most competitively priced services on the market – whether you’re a member of ours or not.

If you’re part of our membership base, you will be able to profit from decreased administrative rates per DBS check but, even so, we boast one of the cheapest DBS checking service you’ll be able to find!

In addition, please note that, through our Memorandum of Understanding with Community Leisure UK – a collaboration that aims to ensure that as many organisation as possible can access an affordable DBS service to carry out their safeguarding responsibilities – all CLUK members are also eligible to preferential rates for our service!

Find out more about this partnership, here!

What is special about the service?

Our vision is for a ‘Vibrant, Active Nation’, which we believe is achievable by NGBs and other organisations in the sport and leisure sector becoming stronger, more successful, and more sustainable in order to facilitate physical activity to society – organisational capacity is key for this progression.

Not only do our lower costs for the DBS process support in this task, but so do the other benefits of our service.

The system is completely digital, putting everything in one place and taking away the hassle and burden of paper copies, streamlining the whole process by decreasing the frustrating administrative waiting times, and therefore making this necessary duty infinitely more efficient for your organisation.

We also offer Wales’ only bilingual DBS checking service, to ensure that our cost-effective and efficient checks are accessible for all across the country!

Is the WSA DBS service exclusive to Wales?

Absolutely not!

While we proudly act as the collective voice, provide support for, and represent the sport and leisure sector in Wales, our DBS checking service extends to all UK organisations – whether Wales-based or not, and whether sport and leisure-orientated or otherwise!

Any body can utilise our DBS service, because we feel the administrative and financial toll of this necessary part of the safeguarding journey should be minimised as much as possible for any organisation.

Discover all you need to know about the WSA DBS service, and find a wealth of safeguarding resources, here.

You can also hear what some of our DBS clients have said about the service here!

Check out the whole range of perks to WSA membership by visiting our Member Benefits page.

And learn how to sign up with us via our Become a Member page.

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