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Governance & Leadership Templates

We won’t leave our members on the sidelines when it comes to governance and leadership.

Click on each principle of the framework below and you’ll find associated templates and resources. So, whether it’s a health and safety policy you’re after, assessment criteria for defining and evaluating your board or the latest anti-doping rules, we’ve got you covered and if there is a template that you require, that we don’t have – just ask and we will do our best to provide you with one. All part of the service to our members!

The templates and guidance provided on this website are here to help you develop good policies that suit the needs of your organisation, the actual process of deciding what best suits your organisation is an important part of moving from template to actual agreed policy.

Remember, these are only templates, they will need to be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation.

Should you have any concerns about the way in which you are amending the document, we would recommend that you take independent  legal advice. To find out more about creating good policy click here.

Not sure where to find what you are looking for? A full list of contents is available here.